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All Jarvis wines are produced from estate vineyards, located high above the city of Napa, in the beautifully rugged mountains between Mt. George and Milliken Canyon at the southeastern end of the Napa Valley. The vineyards are planted in gently sloping meadows one thousand feet above the valley floor.

When you admire our vineyards, you will notice many of the grapevine trees are planted along the gentle slopes of the rolling hills of Mt. George.

Our vineyards are nestled at three different elevations, from the hills around the estate to the crest of Mount George, and feature 46 distinct vineyard blocks. The complexity of the terrain results in a variety of micro-climates, all of which influence grapes in unique ways.

In the center of the vineyard lies a prominent hill. Within the walls of that hill, fifty feet underground, lies our 17,000 square foot winery. It is here, in-cave, and on the adjacent gravity-flow crush pad, that we carefully craft our wines.

We’re fortunate to grow our grapes in a climate and on terrain that is nothing short of perfection. Our foothills are formed by volcanic ash, covered in alluvial flows and cobblestone-streaked layers of rich loam.

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